Technical Solutions Provider

Comprehensive Solutions
for Correctional-Based Needs

ShawnTech began providing service and maintenance to inmate telephone systems in 1993. Our legendary service and experience are demonstrated by our longevity with long-term contracts, some that have been continuously serviced by ShawnTech for over twenty years. This long-standing relationship with our customers has afforded us the opportunities to expand our services to manage several products including telephones, kiosks, tablets, video visitation units, and cellular interdiction services.

In addition to our on-site technical service support, ShawnTech also offers customer service and site administration. Our customer service representatives are available 24/7/365. Our technicians and customer service representatives understand the unique needs of correctional facilities and have received intensive training on best practices and protocols.


Experienced Staff

ShawnTech’s core products and services provides integrated services to operate a correctional facility safely and efficiently. Our technicians are cross-trained and have experience installing as well as providing service and maintenance to a variety of products including inmate telephones, kiosks, and managed access systems. Our goal is to always be there to serve our customers’ needs and pride ourselves in providing responsive, efficient, and professional service.

Key benefits of working with ShawnTech for your installation and maintenance needs:

  • Maximizing system uptime
  • Corrections-based standard operating procedures
  • Nation-wide presence
  • Specialized staff
  • Customized solutions for your facility’s unique needs
  • Increased inmate satisfaction
  • Experience working with a range of products and solutions
  • Understands protocols of working in a correctional facility

Inmate Communication
Systems Maintenance & Support

ShawnTech’s Account Manager oversees all of the account activity for the products and services provided; – all Moves, Adds, Changes (MACs), change orders, installation and service requests, preventative maintenance and inventory management.

They come with an extensive background of experience and have completed certifications for a Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist (CTNS), Certified Telecommunication Analyst (CTA) and Certified Wireless Analyst (CWA).

Benefits of working with our field technicians:

  • Robust preventative maintenance plans that will ensure inmate communication systems and supporting equipment are kept in good working condition
  • Customer focused

Customer Helpdesk and Ticket
Management Dispatch

The ShawnTech Customer Service Representatives are available 24 x 7 x 365. The Customer Service Representative will initiate a service ticket and contact the Field Service Technician.

Follow-up calls periodically throughout the day are conducted and “real time” ticket updates are communicated. The Customer Service Representatives are trained to gather all relevant information so the Field Service Technician can begin trouble-shooting efforts immediately, determine what action is needed, and whether a remote resolution or on-site dispatch is required.


On-Site Administration

ShawnTech provides on-site administrative staff to provide overall administrative support for the inmate communication system and tablet administration.

Our on-site administrators will meet the needs of the facility and perform tasks including data entry for inmate telephone lists, assisting the investigative staff in research and report data, assisting local investigative bureaus with requested information, and assisting the inmate population, inmate’s family and friends with questions and related inquiries on inmate calling.