Safety & Security Technology

Control Contraband Cell Phones with ShawnTech's Safety & Security Technology

ShawnTech is committed to improving safety and fighting contraband in correctional facilities. ShawnTech recognized the need for managed access technology before the unauthorized use of cell phones in prisons made the daily headlines.

In 2008 ShawnTech began developing technology to fight the use of contraband cell phones. We collaborated with leaders in the Corrections industry to develop products that met Corrections needs and built relationships with the FCC and carriers. ShawnTech is also the Cell Intel/MAS provider in the USA to become members of GSMA.

ShawnTech offers both fixed managed access and mobile managed access. Our mobile managed access solution, Cell Intel™, is a unique offering only available through ShawnTech. All our solutions are compliant with State, Federal and FCC regulations. In addition to ShawnTech’s proprietary solutions, ShawnTech will act as an integrator offering complimentary products and services, such as drone detection and wifi-detection, to meet its customers needs.


Mobile Assessment

Cell Intel detects powered-on contraband mobile devices in a physical location within a facility and provides intelligence data. ShawnTech’s Cell Intel assessments catches unauthorized devices and prevents and logs outbound communication for unauthorized devices and releases communication for authorized devices.

Cell Intel was designed in collaboration with Correctional leaders and utilizes all the benefits of fixed managed access in a mobile application at a lower cost than fixed managed access systems.

Cell Intel works by utilizing covert mobile units that are temporarily installed to target a specific location in a facility. The units are designed to be used throughout the nation’s Corrections footprint. ShawnTech operates as a provider of service and operates mobile managed access technology. This prevents unauthorized communication from being released during an assessment and enables ShawnTech, where applicable by law, to provide intelligence from contraband devices without a court order. Intelligence includes phone numbers dialed, text message content, device identifiers.

ShawnTech completes hundreds of assessments a year. ShawnTech’s experience and best practices has led to successful assessments that provide DOCs with valuable information that can be used to locate contraband. The average output per a five (5) hours assessment is:
Contraband devices discovered in the defined area
Unique and traceable dialed phone numbers
Average call attempts
Average text message attempts

Managed Access System

ShawnTech’s MAS is designed to address the Corrections industry’s challenging environments by capturing, retaining and controlling unauthorized devices within a defined coverage area effectively, efficiently and with quantifiable results.

The System is designed to operate 24/7/365 by disabling cellular communications for unauthorized devices (except 911 emergency communications) and enabling cellular communications for authorized devices. ShawnTech’s MAS is compliant with the Communications Act of 1934 and does not jam cell phones.



Our intelligence is our difference. Reports are provided after each assessment. Real-time results are provided to authorized staff and a full report will be delivered within five (5) days after the assessment. Data will provide a general proximity of the devices as well as:

  • Hardware identifiers
  • Actual phoned numbers dialed
  • Text message content from attempted communications
  • Pattern of life analysis
  • Event trending analysis

Department of Corrections have used intelligence data in different ways to fight contraband. Data can be used to in processing court orders to disconnect cellular accounts and have devices blacklisted by the operator thus not allowing them to be used even when a new sim is inserted. Other Department of Corrections have conducted targeted searches in areas where the phones were found based on the data extracted.