Control Contraband Cell Phones with ShawnTech's Cellular Interdiction Solutions

Cellular Contraband Assessments:  Cell Detect™ and Cell Intel™

  • Covertly identify the problem
  • Collect intelligence - extract, investigate and improve security
  • Measure the effectiveness of existing policies and procedures
  • Improve effectiveness and efficiencies of extraction efforts









ST JammerTM

ST Jammer was developed for installation by authorized international government agencies, which make an important contribution to institutional peace.  The system complies with government regulations and provides the highest security standards.  ST Jammer provides:

  • Efficient system for prevention of unauthorized cell phone communications
  • Individual configuration for each sensitive facility
  • Automatic alerts

With advancements of mobile communication technology, the need for STJammer increases.




Managed Access System

Disable use of contraband cell phones - ShawnTech's Managed Access System:

  • Controls communication of cellular mobile devices
  • Detects operation of a cellular device within a defined secured wireless area (Private Mobile Radio Service - PMRS)
  • Systematically manages communications with no effort from carriers
  • Compliant with the Communications Act of 1934 - does not jam cell phones
  • Covers all carriers
  • Systematically monitored through Network Operations Center (NOC) - 24/7/365
  • Robust software (GUI), exclusively designed for Corrections
  • Provides actionable intelligence
  • Regular testing and preventive maintenance providing worry-free System operations



ST Jammer Enclosure

ST Jammer Enclosure